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  1. If you are using your phone or tablet device to submit award entries, you will need to have all photos and documents stored on that device, or readily accessible from your iCloud drive – submissions can not be saved and accessed at a later time. You will also need to write lengthy descriptions with each award submission, we suggest it may be easier to use a desktop computer to lodge your entries.
  2. Read all information provided along with our privacy policy and conditions of entry.
  3. Make sure you are aware of, and understand, all submission requirements.
  4. From the home page, click the SUBMIT AN ENTRY button (in the ENTER THE AWARDS section)
  5. The user login page will open.

Returning users – you can log in using your email and password.
New users – click the ‘New user register’ link. Once you have registered, you will be prompted to log in.

  1. Upon successful sign in, you will view your private dashboard.

Before you can submit an award entry, you must create a profile.

You will need to create a profile for:

  1. Each project you would like to enter.

Once you have created a project profile, you can use this profile to enter multiple award categories.

For example, you may want to enter Project A into award category: Building Design > Residential Building Design and also enter Project A into award category: Residential Projects > Bathroom Design > Under $20,000. You use the same project profile and simply delete any photos and/or documents from the profile when completing the award entry form.

  1. Every individual person you would like to enter into an ‘Individual’ category.

Once you have created an individual person’s profile, you can use this profile to enter multiple (‘Individual’) award categories.

  1. Click ‘New Profile’ to create a profile. On the ‘New Profile’ page:
    1. Enter the name of the property (eg. ‘Zuccoli Display home’) – or – enter the name of the person you are creating a profile for.
    2. Enter the project address (or type N/A) if this profile is for an individual person.
    3. Upload all photos relating to this project. You can always add/remove photos when completing the award entry form. Ignore this section for individual person profiles.
    4. Upload all documents relating to this project. You can always add/remove documents when completing the award entry form.
    5. Click ‘Submit’ when you are finished.
    6. Your dashboard will now show the new profile listed under My Profiles

Submit an award entry

Click ‘Submit New Entry’ to submit an award entry.


  1. Select the category you want to enter, a list of sub-categories will appear.
  2. Select the sub-category you want to enter.
  3. Select the project or individual person you want to enter into this award category
  4. Click ‘Next’


  1. Check the details under ‘Project details’ are correct before continuing.
  2. ‘Project photos’ – delete any photos that aren’t relevant for this entry, you can also upload more photos if needed.
  3. ‘Supporting documents’ – delete any documents that aren’t relevant for this entry, you can also upload more documents if needed.
  4. Enter the ‘Contract Price Entry’
  5. Describe the type of construction
  6. Click ‘Next’


  1. ‘Primary Contact’ – enter the details of the person who will be meeting our judges on site for inspections, and who is also responsible for this entry.
  2. Nominate a sub-contractor for this project (if applicable)
  3. Nominate a supplier for this project (if applicable)
  4. Enter the name of person to accept the award, and what business name should be shown on the award (if successful)
  5. Enter a detailed project description
  6. You must check the ‘authorise’ box to move onto step 4
  7. Click ‘View submission’


  1. Check all details are correct before clicking ‘Submit’.

Once you have submitted an award entry, you are not able to edit your submission, so make sure all details are correct.

You will be returned to your dashboard and receive email confirmation of your submission.


Projects must be completed (with permit to occupy) between 1st July 2015 – 9th June 2017.

The judges shall reserve the right not to issue an Award in any category;

The judges reserve the right to establish if an entry has been entered in the correct category;

The judges reserve the right to transfer an entry into the category they deem appropriate;

The judges reserve the right to amalgamate categories if number of entries is deemed insufficient; or split categories if deemed necessary.

The entrants must obtain permission and the owner’s cooperation in regard to access for judging;

Judging commences 1st July and will continue throughout the month of July. The time and date of judging will be advised by e-mail;

Judges must have internal access to the building at the time notified for judging;

It is the responsibility of the entrant to ensure that the required equipment is available to the judges i.e. ladders, vests, helmets etc.

A winner may not necessarily be declared in all categories, a Highly Commended may be the alternate.

Each entry form must be completed in full giving all details;

All documentation and photographs submitted with an entry remain the property of Master Builders Association Northern Territory. It is therefore recommended that all entrants keep a copy of their complete entry;

The judges’ decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into;

The Master Builders Association Northern Territory reserves the right not to accept any entry;

Category winners that are members will be entered, given a corresponding category, in the Master Builders Australia National Excellence in Building and Construction Awards.

Every effort will be made to maximise publicity for all entrants, however entry in the Awards does not automatically ensure exposure to the media.

Master Builders relies on the information supplied and authorised by the entrant, such as copyright, authority and privacy. Any discrepancies with these details will be referred to the entrant in the first instance.


Please nominate particular details of the entry (e.g. address) which are not to be disclosed. It is a requirement of the Award’s process that press photography and/or video is permitted to the exterior and interior of Award winning Entries.